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The 2014 Best Thames Local Competition:

Head chef Paul Cornish with Pub manager Becky Brooks from 2014 winner of the Best Thames Local Pub-the Wheatsheaf and Pigeon, Staines upon Thames. Runners up last year and once before so they are well pleased to be first this time.

Proprietor Lolly Green with General Manager Christopher Young of the Little Angel Henley on Thames our runner for 2014 Best Thames Local Pub. And they won it in 2010 appearing regularly on your hot list of places.

After two months of nominations and two weeks of swifting through hundreds of them and then visiting the top 10, we now have our results for the 2014 Best Thames Local - Pubs

1st place goes to – The Wheatsheaf and Pigeon, Staines.

This pub has been the winner once before 3 years ago and that makes it very unusual and very special. The locals gave it terrific voting support, with high marks for customer satisfaction and from the judges.

All were totaled and given equal importance to arrive at the final result giving this Staines local the trophy once again. We hope to have more photos of the pub and maybe the manager too but you can see from this photo that they cater for a local community with a warm welcome, quiz nights, good reasonably priced food and so on.

In second place, we have the Little Angel Henley. This pub at the bottom of the big hill on the other side of the town bridge has a strong loyal following (not quite so may nominations) but hot on service and a good atmosphere. Remarkably, this pub also won the title some years ago and makes a well deserved return to your top ranked pubs along the Thames.

Third place goes to Greenwich riverside pub, the Yacht. It had excellent ratings from its customers and the judges making its first appearance in the top 10 in the history of this competition.

(If only votes counted in the decision, they would not be so highly ranked but luckily, our rather complex calculations allow stars like this to shine simply by “flattening out the advantage of mass voting. Votes cast count for 33% of the decision as do the recorded grades of customer service and the judges marks.

They made it to the top in this year's restaurant section

We are proud to announce the results of the 2014 Best Thames Local restaurants awards for excellence.

From left to right;
Massimo Fallica from La Figa (Docklands) placed 2nd,
J.P. Toerien from The Gun (Docklands) this year's winner,
and Mary Galer from The Miller of Mansfield (Goring on Thames) placed 3rd.

Our other 3 finalists in our top six were;
Northbank restaurant and bar in the St Paul's area,
The Depot at Barnes,
and Le Petit Nantais from Hampton Court.

It was truly a close run within the first 10 and we had to apply some science to the customer data and the judges opinions*

(From left to right)
Massimo Fallica, Mary Galer &
J.P. Toerien

Tracy Howes
(Northbank Restaurant and Bar)
with Chris Livett (Thames Luxury Charters Director)
J.P. Toerien holding the BTL 2014 Trophy presented by Chris Livett

*How we judged the top restaurants:

This really was a very close contest with at least 10 highly rated fine restaurants and all with customer satisfaction levels exceeding 90%.
There were several hundred nominated restaurants.Applying the short list requirement of each restaurant achieving at least 90% customer satisfaction levels to qualify enabled the listed names to come down to 10.
These were then measured against a minimum quota of achieving 20 full and eligible nominations (there were plenty of bogus ones eliminated).This allowed us to prepare a list of just 6 for our panel of judges to visit which they did-in secret over the last 2 weeks.

The marks were based on 33% achievable in the 3 categories as follows:
Number of votes achievable by the top 6, Customer satisfaction levels and Judges opinion on service, atmosphere and the quality of food/drink provided.

The 2013 Best Thames Local Competition:

Picture shows from right to left, The Queen's Bargemaster Paul Ludwig of Thames River Services
Westminster, with Laura Carr from The Durell Arms, Christian Butler from NorthBank restaurant and
Jeannette Briggs, representing (Picture by Stephen Worsfold

Firstly, the winner of the pub category that has earned the title through good
service, a fun atmosphere and a loyal following
who voted like crazy for...
The Durrell Arms in Fulham.

Now in its fourth year, the competition is organised by the publishers of
website to promote the many pubs that are within the Thames Towns.
Last year's winners were The Wheatsheaf and Pigeon in Staines upon Thames. -
A popular, old style family pub, very close to the river that provides service and friendliness.
They nearly did it again this year...
They were followed by nearby riverside local - The Swan in Walton upon Thames.

The winner of the Restaurant category is a riverside restaurant that has earned the title through a combination of great food, location and service is...
NorthBank Restaurant (next to the Millennium Bridge).

We would like to congratulate the 'Runners Up' this year who were:
A French restaurant, Le Petit Nantais in Hampton Court (very close 2nd)...
and Retro Bistrot in Teddington.

The Durell Arms and Northbank Restaurant both get a great prize combining a Boat trip on
the Thames for 40 people with a magnificent trophy to display the whole year round.


For our 2013 Best Thames Local Café category...
We are pleased to highly commend the following 3 establishments:
Caffé Piccolo in Chiswick | Chocolate Theatre Café in Henley | Ossié’s in Dartford

2013 Competition Prize Donors:

Hobbs of Henley Restaurant Category Winner Prize Donor (Thames Cruise for 40 people)

Salters Steamers Pub Category Winner Prize Donor (Thames Cruise for 40 people)

BTL 2013 Pub Category Winner Trophy - Thames River Services

Other prizes and competition organised by The River Thames Guide Ltd.


2012 finalists for the Best Thames Local competition.

Picture 18th July 2012 - Sandra Rowse

In this Jubilee Celebration year as well as the 2012 Games it happens to be our 3rd year of the competition. We have received generous support from the following companies who have donated great prizes so that we can award a prize to the winning establishment in each of the 4 categories.

Best Thames Local prizes donated by:

Salters Steamers of Oxford
Hobbs of Henley
Thames River Services of Westminster
Cavisham Boat Services of Reading

Votes can be for good service, good food, good value, good atmosphere and you can vote once only in each category if you wish. The categories are:

1. Best Thames Local- Pub
2. Best Thames Local- Restaurant
3. Best Thames Local- Wine Bar
4. Best Thames Local- Cafe

The Best Thames Local competition 2011
The George Inn- Walton on Thames was drawn from a possible 10 businesses.
The Trout Inn -Lechlade
The Durrell Arms- Fulham
The Swan -Staines
Cafe Piccolo- Chiswick
The Bounty - Bourne End
Woody's Bar and Kitchen- Kingston
The Little Angel- Henley
The Star and Garter -Putney
The Inn- Kew

Winners of the Best Thames Local competition of 2011 - The George Inn at Walton on Thames, drawn from nearly 2000 pubs, restaurants, wine bars and cafes.

The Best Thames Local competition 2010
The winners were The Angel on the Bridge, Henley-on-Thames and The Little Angel, Henley-on-Thames as voted by the many thousands of viewers of our sister website

In addition, the following were voted local winners in the same competition that closed 30th June 2010.

Greenwich Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich
Cammasan, Kingston
Puccino's Maidenhead
Francesco's Italian Restaurant, Marlow
George & Danver Ice Cream Parlour, Oxford
Spotted Horse, Putney
Wagamama, Reading
Waterloo Brasserie, Waterloo
La Taverna, Windsor

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